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preview: tha chill 

Tha Chill

Chill Factor
Bigfutt Entertainment



tha chill      Tha Chill of Compton’s Most Wanted will be releasing his first solo album "Chill Factor" on his independent label Big Futt Entertainment/Universal Records this year. The album will feature collaborations with Snoop, Tha Eastsidaz, RBX, and Nate Dogg and features his new single "Smoke Dis FNJ" with Jayo-Felony and his rhyme partner MC Eiht.


Chill said, "We used the old Poor Righteous teachers joint and we laced it. It’s some raw hip-hop but we keeping it West Coasted out. It’s some ol’ gangsta rap solidified for the 2003."


Here is some brand new audio by Tha Chill of Compton's Most Wanted. The new cut is from Chill's upcoming first solo album "Chill Factor". Its called "Verbatim" and features Tha Eastsidaz.

"Its the autobiography, word for word. Goldie Loc starts off, talkin about this sister Pancake, who got killed, when some guys came in and shot her up, and he saw the murderer. I talk about how I grew up and Tray Deee is talkin about when he was in the pen. This is a real heavy hitter", Tha Chill said. Chill wasnt lyin, the track is a heater and can be heard by clicking right here: "Verbatim".


Also here is the first single from Tha Chill's album, which was requested a while ago. Its called "Smoke Dis FNJ" and features Jayo Felony & Mc Eiht, along with the Instrumental of "Smoke Dis FNJ".


"I felt that us three, being OG's back in the game artists, I didnt want to put new artists on there. I wanted to keep it the same kind of format as back then as far as people, but up-to date sounding for whats going on now. The single is definitely a highlight on the album. We came up with the hook from the Poor Richeous Teachers "Rock This Funky Joint", and we just made it some gangsta shit. We strictly West Coast, but this song is universal. Its East, its Down South, its Midwest, but we made it for the West Coast specifically, and for other people to grab hold of it", Chill added.


The track "Hub City" is dedicated to the City of Compton, and it also features another Comptown resident, CMW's Mc Eiht.


The album has more guest appearances by Nate Dogg, Snoop Dogg, RBX on "Long Overdue", Kokane on "Late Night Hype", a remake of CMW's classic track from the group's debut in 89.


You will definitely be feeling "The Chill Factor", regardless of wherever you are in the world. The irony is that this one brings heat. Look for the album in stores early 2005. This is a tentative album cover:


chill cover








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